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Los Angeles Retaliation Lawyer

Your employer cannot wrongfully retaliate against you because you engaged in protected conduct. This means that your employer cannot fire you or demote you for complaining or exercising your legal rights. Protected conduct includes: complaining to Human Resources, government agency, or your manager about illegal conduct, refusing to do something illegal, taking a medical leave of absence to care for yourself or others, complaining about harassment, complaining about unpaid wages, or not being provided meal and rest breaks.

What Activities are Covered Under the Retaliation Law?

Retaliation is an adverse action by an employer against an employee who has engaged in a protected employment activity. Such activities can include:

    • Reporting Discrimination or Harassment

      Employees who report incidents of discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, age, religion, disability, or other protected characteristics are generally protected from retaliation.

    • Participating in Investigations

      Employees who cooperate with internal or external investigations into alleged misconduct, including participating as a witness or providing relevant information, are often protected.

    • Filing Complaints

      Employees who file formal complaints with government agencies, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), regarding unlawful workplace practices or violations of employment laws are typically protected.

    • Asserting Workplace Rights

      Employees who assert their rights under labor laws, such as requesting reasonable accommodations for disabilities, requesting protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), or exercising rights related to wage and hour laws, are generally protected from retaliation.

    • Whistleblowing

      Employees who disclose or report illegal activities, fraud, health and safety violations, or other illegal or unethical practices by their employer are often protected from retaliation.

    • Participating in Legal Proceedings

      Employees who participate in legal proceedings, such as serving as a witness or providing testimony, are generally protected from retaliation related to their involvement in the case.

    • Engaging in Union Activities

      Employees who engage in lawful union activities, such as organizing, participating in strikes, or advocating for improved working conditions, are typically protected under retaliation laws.

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