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Employment and Labor Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA

Our experienced team of attorneys specializes in a wide range of employment and labor law issues, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, whistleblower claims, and employment contract disputes. Whether you are an employee seeking justice for workplace injustices or an employer in need of proactive legal counsel, we have the knowledge and expertise to effectively address your legal needs.

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Cancer Discrimination and Employment

Cancer Discrimination and Employment Rights Lawyers in Los Angeles Facing discrimination at work due to a cancer d…
pregnancy, business and work concept - smiling pregnant businesswoman sitting at office table and reading papers

Pregnancy Rights

Pregnancy Rights Attorney in Los Angeles As an expectant mother, it is crucial to understand your rights and prote…
Severance Pay concept with agreement document on wooden board

Severance Agreements

Los Angeles Severance Agreement Attorney: Severance Negotiations Lawyer Looking for a reliable Severance Agreement…
Termination of Employment and layoff concept, Stressed businessman feeling down after received Termination of Employment Form in paper brown envelope.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Los Angeles Your employer cannot wrongfully terminate your employment for an illega…
Retaliation claim lying on the desk with gavel.


Los Angeles Retaliation Lawyer Your employer cannot wrongfully retaliate against you because you engaged in protec…
Remote job. Disabled responsible woman working remotely in a cafe

Disability & Leave Rights

Disability & Leave Rights Lawyers in Los Angeles Disability discrimination and denial of leave rights can have a p…
Man touching woman's elbow isolated on black - sexual harassment in business office

Sexual Harassment

Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles Sexual harassment is a deeply troubling issue that can have se…
Serious and focused architect or engineer working on construction site using digital tablet while wearing safety vest and helmet. Mature man working on digital tablet at construction site. Mid adult manual worker with blue hardhat inspecting construction site while checking list on laptop.

Wage & Hour

Experienced Wage & Hour Dispute Lawyer in Los Angeles Are you facing a wage and hour dispute in Los Angeles, CA? L…
Human inequality as global social issue. Stop discrimination on grounds of race, sex or religion as hand holding a paper sheet with injustice, unfairness symbol over crowded street background.


Employment Discrimination Attorney Los Angeles Wrongful termination cases can be emotional and overwhelming to nav…

Danny Yadidsion

Labor Law PC

Top rated employment and labor attorney in Los Angeles, California

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Danny Yadidsion and his experienced team of lawyers at Labor Law PC are dedicated to protecting the rights of California workers and ensuring that their voices are heard.  If you have experienced employment discrimination based on a protected category or characteristic, whether as an employee, an independent contractor, or a job applicant, we can assist you.  Our attorneys value and respect your privacy, and will work tirelessly to help you get the justice that you deserve. 

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